Germany company formation

As one of the most successful economies in the world, Germany is a country many business are settling a company. If your company is ready to start a Germany company formation, you can contact Intercompany Solutions. They can help and advice you in starting your business in Germany. If needed, they take care of all procedures necessary in Germany. It is possible you didn’t think about some formalities yourself. Starting a Germany company formation is not very difficult, but you have to know the right procedures to follow. With Intercompany Solutions you are sure nothing will be missed and your company will start successfully in a new country. When you check you see what they can do for you. All service is in English and it is possible to complete everything remotely. Processes you need to consider with a Germany company formation are company formation and immigration services. Every country has its own regulations when it comes to these subjects. Sometimes the regulations change or are for a limited amount of time. In that case it is better to have a third party who knows everything about these changing regulations and knows how to handle these when you start a business in this country. Although Germany is a very steady country, you can never know with procedures like immigrations.

Setting up a Germany company formation

One other reason many countries also choose Germany to expand their business, is because of its familiarity with several businesses. It is very attractive for investors and entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

  • The best jurisdiction for investing
  • Second importer in the world
  • A vast market of trade
  • Many economic opportunities in numerous regions.

Next to the above it is one of the leading economies in Europe and therefor a core member of the EU. If these factors make you decide to a Germany company formation, then you should start with deciding between one of the types of companies:

  • German UG: also known as the Unternehmergesellschaft, in English known as LTD. It is more flexible and can be formatted within one week.
  • German GMBH: also known as Gessellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, or a private limited liability company. It is most common and needs a minimum share capital of € 25.000,-.
  • German AG – Joint Stock Company: a legal entity used by large businesses and publicly traded companies.
  • German KG – limited partnership: a collaboration of two or more partners. These can be silent or general partners.

The procedures of Germany

First of all, for a Germany company formation you need to have the information completed. Make sure the partners, investors, directors and shareholders are determined. So when Intercompany Solutions is asking you for information, you will have the following information available:

  • Identity information on the directors and shareholders.
  • Copy of the passport of all beneficial owners, directors and shareholders.
  • A completed company incorporation form.
  • The name of the company for verification of the availability.

Furthermore the process of a Germany company formation includes opening a bank account, registration with the chamber of commerce, legal entities and domiciliation. Intercompany Solutions owns the best contacts to complete the full process. They can offer you the complete incorporation packages without hidden costs. At Intercompany Solutions work several business law experts who can proceed with your Germany company formation. If you are planning to expand your business to Germany, please contact them for a free initial consultation. Also if it is not possible for you to visit them, they can offer you their remote services to start your Germany company formation as soon as possible.

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